Liberal Landslide

An overview of the reasons why the Liberals attracted more votes, and what the Conservatives did wrong for the Liberal's to in a landslide victory in the election. 

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  • Reasons for the Liberal Landslide
    • Factors weakening the Conservatives
      • Boer War
        • The war was more costly in lives and money
        • Some methods of defeating the Boers caused moral outrage
        • Revealed the effect of poverty - Liberals gained support by claiming the Conservatives had neglected this also pushing Chamberlain to encourage tariff reform
      • 1902 Education Act
        • Before 1902 catholic and Anglican schools were funded by churches, the act provided all schools to be funded from local funds
          • Outraged non-conformists, some refused to pay their taxes
      • 1904 Licensing Act
        • Aimed at reducing public houses
          • Proposed to compensate all brewers and publicans for the cancellations of licenses (annoying non-conformists
      • Chinese Labour Issue
        • Work for low wages, being imported into South Africa
          • Moral outcry from non-conformists about treatment of the Chinese
          • Trade Unionists feared employers would bring them into Britain (pushing down wages at home)
            • Unemployment was already high in 1905, and inadequate support for them. Opposition to 'Chinese Slavery' took away votes from the Conservatives
      • Taff Vale Case
        • 1901-  dispute between Taff Vale Railway Company and railway workers trade union, causing strike action, and the company to demand compensation.
        • 1902- House of Lords said it was right to sue, making it almost impossible to strike successfully
          • Only an act of parliament could over-rule the Lords judgement and the Conservatives refused
      • Tariff Reform Campaign
        • Chamberlain wanted to reintroduce tariff with lower level tariff for goods coming into Britain from the empire than imported from non-empire countries. (Imperial Protectionism)
          • Chamberlain said it would help protect Brit jobs, help pay for social reform and strengthen Britain's position in the world
        • Working and Middle classes feared this would mean expensive food and a fall in living standards
    • Attractions of the Liberals
      • Re-united party (originally divided over Home Rule)
      • United behind Free Trade (the 'bread and butter' issue
      • Exploited mistakes of the Conservatives
        • Misjudgements over education, Licensing and Welsh Disestablishment
        • Liberals supported Home Rule


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