1906 Election

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Explain why the Liberal Party acheived a landslide

Free Trade:

  • Free trade was popular with the public
  • The Liberal Party were united behind Free Trade, their position was clear
  • Chamberlain: 'it will strengthen the economy and create jobs'
  • Conservatives were divided by the issue and Balfour failed to heal this division

Weak Opposition:

  • Liberals could exploit Conservative weakness over Free Trade: 'big loaf, little loaf' analogy helped win over alienated Conservative voters
  • Taff Vale caused them to lose their traditional supporters
  • The Education Act caused Conservatives to lose favour with non-conformists and caused them to support the Liberals instead

Lib-Lab Pact (1903):

  • Gave Liberals access to vital funding and meant that they did not have the opposition of the Labour Party in certain constituencies
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