Labour victory in 1945

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  • Reasons for Labour victory in 1945
    • Labour: 393 seats - 47.8% share of votes Conservatives: 213 seats - 39.8% share of votes
    • position before the war
      • Labour had recovered after the disaster of 1931
      • many blamed Conservatives for the failings of the 1930s
    • Impact of the war
      • the war made people aware of contribution made by Soviet Russia putting socialism in the limelight
      • key Labour policies - plans in the Beveridge report and proposal for welfare state supported by Labour,
      • wartime coalition gave leading figures in the Labour oarty to prove themselves on a national scale.
    • 1945 election campaign
      • Conservatives were poorly organised and not as effective as they usually are
      • many felt complacent  about the election - believed electorate would thank Churchill for his wartime efforts
      • Labour Manifesto: 'let us face the future' - appealed to the electorate: nationalisation of key industries - economic planning - full employment - creation of NHS - system of social security
      • Churchill was a good wartime leader but not a good peace time leader - Gestapo speech (attack on Labour) lost votes
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