To what extent did Labour transform Britain?


To what extent did Labour transform Britain?

In 1945, Labour won a landslide victory in the General election. With an overall majority in Parliament there was nothing to stop the new government from carrying out its manifesto programme. The aim of Labour's programme was to tackle the 5 giants (want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idlenss) which were stated in the Beveridge report, you could argue to what extent this was done.

The main reforms made by the Labour Government: 

The National Insurance Act provided financial protection for the employed in time of sickness. 

  • A problem with this act is that it was criticised for the large number of officials who were needed to operate the scheme and it did not include those members of society who were not in work.

The National Assistance Act helped people who were not in work or thoe who had not paid enough contributions into the new National Insurance Scheme. The assistance was means tested, which meant the assistance received depended on the amount…


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