Reasons for Emancipation of the serfs (2)

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  • Reasons for emancipation of the serfs
    • Background of emancipation
      • Serfdom: there was little incentive to produce due to paying higher rents with higher output. About 50/50 state to privately owned serfs.
      • Nicholas I said serfdom was 'evil parapet to all'. He had 10 committees to discuss the issue. Alexander II was quiet about it initially but soon in 1858 gave speeches about it.
      • Nobles helped form a structured plan: portrayed as a gesture from the nobility (their power never corroded from emancipation).
      • Land owners accepted it - but wanted compensation. They believed it would cause revolts, but Alex II opposed this by tightening censorship.
    • Moral
      • Westernisers (to be like the west), Slavophiles (keep peasant society but modernise), and Nihilists (abolish any tradition and autocracy) all wanted emancipation.
      • Alex II was had personal connections due to his uncle's death; and he was patriotic, wanting his country to excel
      • Should not treat people like animals.
    • Political
      • Nobles were in debts due to falling incomes for serfs; this forced them to take out mortgages.
      • Younger nobles criticised the regime and were demotivaed
    • Economic
      • Serfs could travel to find jobs.
      • Greater incentive to produce due to profits not being taken by masters.
      • Create a grain surplus which can be exported to create money for the state. This creates investment in Russian industry, creating greater prosperity.
      • To reverse the Crimean War backwardness


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