Reasons why Alexander II was able to emanicpate the serfs

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  • Reasons why Alexander II was able to emancipate the serfs
    • Terms of the treaty
      • 1) Serfs became legally free, able to marry, have legal rights, travel, set up enterprise & own land. 2-9 years from 1861. Had to pay obrok for 2 years
      • 2) Temporary obligation. Peasants & landlords to negotiate terms of buying land, landlords had to sell, serfs had to buy
      • 3) Redemption operation.  Redemption payments over 49 years from peasants (6% int/year)
      • Each serf family (not domestic) able to keep cottage & some land. Mir owned community fields.
      • Landlords received compensation loss of land (govt bonds). Still owned land farmed for themselves
      • Volosts to supervise mirs, own communal courts (1863) replaced landlord's jurisdiction over peasants
    • Announcement to the peasants
      • Written on 1 sheet of paper for uneducated peasants


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