Reasons for economic growth in Germany

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  • Reasons for economic growth in Germany
    • Growth in the Population
      • 1890: 50 million people  1914: 68 million people
      • This expanded the market and labour force
      • 1871: 64% lived in the countryside      1910: 40% lived in the countryside
    • Education
      • It became an excellent system as its institutions of higher education led the world
      • Traditional subjects were offered
      • Increased provision for those with technical skills
      • 1890-1914 German university enrolments increased from 28,000 to 60,000.
    • German Banks
      • Provided generous long-term credit facilities for industrial firms
      • Cartels achieved economic planning, elimination of wasteful competition
    • Railway service
      • This became very good.
      • Provided an expansion for transportation on goods and raw materials
    • Huge natural resources
      • Coal from the Ruhr, Saar and Silesia
      • Iron Ore from Alsace Lorraine and the Ruhr
      • 1914: Germany mined 1/4 of the world


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