Reagan's policies

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  • Reagan's policies
    • Reagan's mindset
      • made clear in a speech --> Christian group 1983
      • USA represented the forces of good
      • described the USSR as an 'evil empire'
    • Spending on armed forces
      • he persuaded US congress to spend more
      • 1982 - 13% more was spent
      • 1983/1984 8% more
      • new weapons = Trident submarines and stealth bombers
    • The Reagan Doctrine
      • US forces invaded the Caribbean Island of Grenada
        • get rid of the communist government
      • USA support anti-communist groups trying to overthrow communist governments
        • first 'rollback' of communist influence since WW2
      • support has given to insurgent groups (central America)
        • El Salvador and Nicaragua
    • The Strategic Initiative
      • increased spending and support for the anti-communists
        • USSR need extra funding to counter the USA
          • because they knew the USSR's economy was struggling
      • SDI = USA would place some satellites in orbit
        • lasers protect the USA from USSR's missiles
          • shoot the missiles down
      • Reagan did not want to admit to the world about SDI because it was against the Outer Space Treaty 1967
        • The reaction in Moscow = shocked
        • missiles were redundant and new system would be needed -- turning point


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