Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Senior, Bill Clinton

Information on Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Senior and Bill Clinton.

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Jimmy Carter

  • President 1976-1980
  • Jimmy Carter was a largely unknown Democrat candidate.
  • He tried to restore faith in the government and included more black Americans and more women in his administration.
  • He was heavily criticised for his handling of a situation with US hostages in Iran in 1979 and only served one term.
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Ronald Reagan

  • President 1980-1988
  • Before Reagan was president he was a Hollywood actor, then the Governor of California.
  • Before he came to office, there was high unemployment and inflation.
  • He cut taxes but got rid of a lot of the welfare system.
  • When the Recession struck he raised taxes again.
  • In 1984, Reagan's economy was doing well and he was elected again.
  • Reagan was involved in a space program called 'Star Wars', which involved lasers in space. It was meant to protect America from the Russians.
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George Bush Senior

  • President 1988-1992
  • Promised not to raise taxes in his election campaign
  • The government was in heavy debt and this got worse when the USA fought the Gulf War.
  • He had to break his promise.
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Bill Clinton

  • President 1992-2000
  • US economy boomed
  • Stock market grew
  • Unemployment fell
  • He was thought to have a good foreign policy
  • Unemployment was highest amongst ethnic minorities.
  • Monica Lewinsky scandal - he had an affair with an intern called Monica Lewinsky. The scandal echoed the Watergate scandal.
  • Inequality between the rich and the poor got worse.
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