Gorbachev and Reagan's summits

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  • Gorbachev and the end of the Cold War : Reagan and Gorbachev
    • Geneva - November 1985
      • Reagan was in the stronger position.
      • Reagan wanted to persuade Gorbachev to have a stable relationship.
      • Gorbachev wanted Reagan to drop his plans for SDI.
      • This meeting was significant as the superpowers could talk face to face.
      • Gorbachev sacked aggressive foreign policy leader prior to meeting - to establish working relationship with Reagan.
      • No formal agreement on arms control was reached.
    • Reykjavik - October 1986
      • Much more ambitious than Geneva meeting.
      • Reagan proposed scrapping of all ballistic nuclear missiles.
      • Gorbachev was unwilling to agree as Reagan would not drop plans for SDI.


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