RE -- Good and Evil (What makes an act 'wrong')

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  • RE -- Good and Evil (What makes an act 'wrong')
    • Different people have different ways of deciding whether or not an act is'wrong'
    • Conscience
      • Your gut value
      • The consequence of this is that different people have different ideas about what is good and bad
        • Your gut value
      • Some say the voice of the devil
    • values
      • They decide what is right and wrong based off values.
      • Values are based off knowledge and past experiences
      • Impact= may do bad because they think it fits with their values
    • Past experiences
      • Can change your thoughts on good/bad
      • May not be indicative of what is good and bad
    • Religious teachings
      • People base thoughts on good/bad on sacred texts
      • eg/ abortions are bad
      • Can have very negative impacts, eg/ hate crimes
    • The Law
      • People may not follow their gut, instead the rule of law
      • Good because a universal rule of what is good/bad
      • Bad because the rule in a country may be skewed (eg/against homosexuals)
    • Elder -- Parents/religious leaders
      • The world has moved on, maybe not reliable to listen to them
    • Reason/logic
      • Some use logic instead go emotion
      • They may not understand what is morally good and have no COMPASSION


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