RE -- Good and Evil (Religious and Ethical responses)

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  • RE -- Good and Evil (Religious and Ethical responses)
    • Relative morality
      • Right and wrong  are not fixed but relative to the situation
    • Absolute morality
      • There are rules that are fixed for all situations, times etc
    • Sin
      • Sin is an action that goes against God's laws
      • Sins of commission
        • Wrong acts that you have chosen to commit
      • Sins of omission
        • These are good actions that you have failed to do
      • Mortal sin
        • A sin that will condemn you to hell unless you repent and are forgiven
          • Eg/ Greed sent the Rich man (in the rich man and Lazarus) to hell
      • Venial sin
        • A sin that is not enough to send you to hell
        • They are forgivable but you must do penance for them to prevent spending so long in purgatory
    • Altruism
      • This puts the needs of others above your own needs
    • Egoism
      • We choose to do things that will benefit ourselves
      • We have a duty to obtain the best balance for ourselves of good and evil
    • Utilitarianism
      • We should try and cause the greatest good for the greatest number of people
    • Situation ethics
      • You do the most loving thing in any situation. Love is the only rule.


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