RE -- Good and Evil (what makes an act wrong big)

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  • RE -- Good and Evil (what makes an act 'wrong')
    • Christians believe that God has shown people how to live a good life, such as with the 10 commandments + religious teachings
      • Jesus' life also shows how to live a good not wrong life eg/ Jesus turned the tables of the money lenders
      • Christianity places 'good' qualities at it's core -- tolerance, compassion and love
        • Christians should have these qualities and they should reflect upon their actions
      • God is the highest source of authority
        • The Holy Spirit is the part of God that dwells within individuals and guides them
        • Prayer is directly asking God to guide them to do the right thing
          • "we do not know how to pray but the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness"-- Paul's letters to the Romans
      • There are a few rules/ key principles that Christians follow
        • The Golden rule
        • The Rule to Love (agape)
          • "Love your neighbour as you love yourself"
      • The Church
        • The CofE: SYNOD, Archbishop of Canterbury, other Archbishops, Bishops
        • Roman Catholics: The Pope, the catechism of the Catholic Church, key ethical theories
      • Practising virtuous behaviour: Aristotle says become virtuous by doing virtuous actions
    • Hindu's believe that people's karma influences their lives, therefore they are likely to do actions which they believe to be good
      • They believe that Gita tells them what is right and what is wrong, they may also trust elders
    • Humanists bad is intent to cause harm, they often trust Ghandi + MLK
    • Natural evil is caused by nature
    • Moral evil is caused by humans
    • How do we decide what is wrong?
      • Conscience
        • Your gut opinion, different people have different views
      • Values
        • Many people depend on their values. These are based off their knowledge + past experience.
      • Past experiences
        • This can change what you think
      • Religious teachings
        • E.g. the Bible  may change peoples opinions
      • The law
        • Some people follow the set laws
      • Elders
        • They have past experience + knowledge
      • Reason/logic
        • Some people don't listen to emotion but logic instead


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