Capercaillie ~ Skye Waulking Song from Nadurra, 2000.

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  • Capercaillie ~ Skye Waulking Song from Nadurra, 2000.
    • Melody
      • This piece is pentatonic
      • It's mainly syllabic
      • The melody alternates between 1 bar phrases
      • The melodic lines are played in the folk style, and the instruments around the melody simultaneously
        • Sometimes the instruments play a similar melody in slightly different ways
    • Texture
      • The texture is layered (contrapuntal)
        • A rhythmic pattern on the drum kit
        • A bass line played by the guitar
        • Chords on the synthesizer and accordion
        • Counter melodies on the melody instruments
      • When the instruments play a similar melody in different ways creates a HETEROPHINIC texture
    • Stucture
      • Phrase 1, call (in Gaelic)
      • Refrain 1, response (vocables)
      • Phrase 2, call (in Gaelic)
      • Refrain 2, response (vocables)
      • Intro - verse 1 - verse 2 - coda
    • Tonality and harmony
      • This pieces is in G major
      • The whole piece is diatonic
      • It has a modal feel
      • After the whole band enters the whole song uses major chords giving it a more uplifting feeling
      • The tonality is fully established at the end on the intro, just before the singer enters
        • This gives the sing a melancholy tone until the full band enters
    • Dynamics
      • There are terraced dynamics
      • The piece begins quietly
      • When there is a higher pitch the dynamics are louder
      • The dynamics usually match the amount of instruments playing at certain points
      • The dynamics are softer in verse 1 and louder in verse 2


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