Radial Diagrams

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  • Radial Diagrams
    • What is a Radial Diagram
      • Radial Diagrams can come in many forms.
      • They are used to plot data in circular fashion around a central point usually but not always reflecting compass bearings.
      • The radius is used to record frequency or percentage. The scale around the circumference will depend on the data
    • Wind Rose Diagrams
      • Can be used to plot wind direction, wind speed and also the proportion of calms (days without wind) over a given period
        • Wind rose diagrams are a specific technique for displaying wind direction and frequency
        • Only useful with a limited type of data
    • Polar Graph
      • Can be used to display changing activity over different time periods, for example pedestrian flows are a 24hr period
        • Polar graphs are useful for showing data related to change over time or change in direction
        • The polar graph slightly distorts the higher values making it difficult to interpret
    • Example
      • Useful to record traffic flow over a 24 hour period


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