What type of data presentation should I use?

I have gone into more detail on the practical applications and usefulness of these techniques on my Cartographic Techniques and Statistical Techniques mind maps.

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  • What type of data presentation should I use?
    • To identify difference...
      • Graphical
        • Line Graphs
        • Pie Charts
        • Bar Charts
        • Compund Bar Graphs
        • Proportional Symbols
        • Long/ cross sections
      • Cartographic
        • Bar graphs and proportional symbols placed on base maps to show spatial variations.
    • To describe spatial patterns...
      • Graphical
        • Kite Diagrams
        • Radial Diagrams
      • Cartographic
        • Isoline Maps
        • Flow lines, desire lines, trip lines.
        • Dot Maps
        • Sketch Maps
        • Choropleths
    • To identify relationships...
      • Graphical
        • Scattergraphs
    • For classification of data...
      • Graphical
        • Triangular graphs
        • Population Pyramids
        • Lorenz Curve




This is only meant to be a brief summary - please see my other mind maps for information on graphical and cartographic techniques in more detail :) 

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