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Geography skills

Cartographic diagrams

Dispersion Diagrams
A graph where the data sets can be placed in one column with the variable on the vertical axes of the


Shows the spread from the mean.
Very visual.
Gives an indication of the reliability of the data.
Can work out mean,…

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Kite Diagrams
This is often used to show the abundance of particular plant species varies with distance as the wider
the data points means that the more common they are.


Clear and easy to interpret.
Shows changes over distance.
Shows density and distribution of variables.


Not all data…

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Can be tedious and time consuming to construct by hand.
Can be difficult to read accurately.
Can often require additional information for them to be useful.

Dot Maps
This shows distribution of data over an area, e.g. instances of disease over an area


Effective in showing the spatial…

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Very visual
Can represent a large range of data.
Not dependent on size of the area.


Difficult to produce.
Not accurate/ can't extract exact data.
Overlap can occur making it confusing and difficult to read/interpret.

Flow Lines, Desire and Trip Lines
Flow lines are where width of the arrow…

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Isoline graphs are where data points on a map are joined up with data points of equal values, e.g.
contour lines on a map.

Drawn easily on computers.
Can see areas of equal value.
Can see gradual changes.
Avoids the problem of boundary lines.


Do not show discontinuous…

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A chi square test is used to investigate whether distributions of categorical variables where the answer
are in a fixed range e.g. gender, differ from one another by using expected and observed frequency. To
calculate the degrees of freedom use (n1) where n is the number of categories of data,…

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Mann Whitney
This test uses the median values between sets of data to see if there is any correlation between a set of
data. For this test we take the lowest calculated value and if this is smaller than this critical value we
can reject the null hypothesis and accept…


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