R081 Pre Production Purposes

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  • R081 pre production purposes
    • Mood boards
      • Purpose- It is a visual tool used to generate ideas for the look, color and styles for a project. It can be used to collect ideas from different people.
    • Client Requirements
      • Who is the client?- Your client is the person you will be working for. They will tell you what they want you to plan, design or create for them
    • Target Audience
      • What is it? - Your target audience is the person or group of people that the final product will be aimed towards.
    • Workplans
      • Why plan?- Planning is necessary part of any project to ensure that everything can run smoothly.
    • Legislation
      • What is it?-  Laws that cover how we use images, logos, trademarks. It also looks at how protect the data we have about people
        • Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. It is illegal to use created material without permission. This includes images, sounds, words, movies and animation.
        • Trademarks. A word, symbol, or phrase, used to identify a particular manufacturer or seller`s products and distinguish them from the products of another.
    • Research methods
      • primary
        • This is collecting new information by making direct or face to face contact with consumers.
      • Secondary
        • A secondary source is information on a topic that originally appeared elsewhere first
    • Mind Map
      • It is a visual tool used to generate and create ideas for a project such as a web site or magazine
    • Visualisation
      • A hand drawn diagram to show what something looks like when it is created. Used to plan still images like websites, magazine/ DVD covers and comics
    • Scripts
      • A written document used to plan TV films or games. It shows what is said, who speaks and directions for a scene.
    • Storyboard
      • A series of drawings that show what a movie look like, the purpose is to help organised the filming making it easier to see what you need and how to film the scene


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