Sociology- Pupil identities and ethnicity

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  • Pupil identities
    • Types
      • Ideal pupil identity;  A white, mc, masculine identity, normal sexuality girl, achieving through natural ability
      • Pathologised pupil identity; asian, deserving poor, feminised identity with an oppressed sexuality, over achiever and achieving through hard work
      • Demonised pupil identity; Black or white, wc, hyper-sexualised identity. Seen as unintelligent, peer led, culturally deprived
      • Archer argued that many ethnic minority pupils are pathologised or demonised.
    • Chinese pupils
      • Archer argues that even those ethnic minority who perform successfully can be pathologised
      • Chinese pupils were seen to be achieving in the wrong way- through hard work, passive conformism rather than natural ability
      • Archer and Francis 2007 sum up this view as a negative-positive stereotype
      • Teachers stereotyped Chinese families as tight and close and used this to explain girl's passivity.Teachers also wrongly labelled Chinese students as mc


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