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  • Psychological method of stress management: Stress Innoculation Training
    • Produced by Meichenbaum and Cameron '83
    • 3 stage process
      • Conceptualisation- Relationship established and client taught to see perceived threats as problems to be solved.
      • Skills acquisition and practise- Coping skills taught and practised, e.g. positive thinking, time management,adaptive behaviours
      • Real-life application- Clients gradually and increasingly put skills into the real world. Clients may then be asked to train others, and be offered booster sessions.
    • Evaluation: Strengths
      • Meichenbaum Compared SIT with systematic de-sensitisation, and although they both reduced phobias of snakes, SIT helped clients with other phobias.
      • Gives preparation for future stressors, and clients gain skills to cope with future problems
    • Evaluation: Weaknesses
      • It is time consuming and requires a lot of motivation, however brief periods can also be useful
      • It is complex, and a range of activities could be reduced, whilst maintaining its effectiveness,as some say its effectiveness is down to certain elements.


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