Psychological treatments for Sz

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  • Psychological treatments for schizophrenia
    • Family therapy
      • Helps to improve the communication in a family (reducing effects of EE) and reduce stress in the family caused by caring for an individual with SZ
      • Pharaoh et al found that family therapy is beneficial as the individual complies better with taking medication and risk factors for relapse are reduced.
    • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
      • Talking therapy which helps a patient to make sense of their delusions and hallucinations.It identifies an individuals irrational thought and tries to change it. Cannot cure SZ but helps a patient cope better.
    • Token economy
      • Form of behavioural therapy in which desirable behaviours are encouraged using selective reinforcementSecondary reinforcers are given which may be able to be exchanged for privileges
        • Operant conditioning


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