Revision for 1.3 and 1.4

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    • 1.4 - causation argument
      • b) do you think that god is the cause of the universe? give two reasons.
        • nothing comes from nothing
        • how does the universe come from nothing?
        • to a certain extent
        • God seems the only rational explanation as to where the two atoms came from if you believe science but then who made God
      • c) Explain how the argument from causation may lead to belief in God (8 marks)
        • whatever we do has an effect
        • any effect has a cause and any cause has an effect
        • process where one thing causes another
        • God is the cause of the universe, it seems logical enough
      • d) 'The argument from causation proves that God exists' Do you agree? Give another viewpoint (6 marks)
        • whatever we do has an effect
        • perhaps the universe had no beginning
        • Who made God? What caused God to be created?
    • 1.3 - design argument
      • c) Explain why the design argument leads some people to believe in God (8 marks)
        • anything that is designed must have a designer
        • the only possible designer could be God because of his superiority,
        • the universe seems to be designed.
        • Design is the result of intelligent thought
        • design involves things working together according to a plan
      • b) Do you think that God designed the world? Give two reasons for your viewpoint (4 marks)
        • No
        • doesn't prove that one god designed the whole lot
        • doesn't prove that God is still alive (what if he abandoned us or is dead?)
        • If everything needs a designer then who designed God
      • d) 'The design argument proves that God exists' Do you agree? Give another viewpoint (6 marks)
        • Do I agree? To a certain extent
        • Looking at a watch you see ingenious design, just like if you look at the universe (there is definitely an element of design)
        • No actual proof, just thought
        • No evidence to support
        • superiority


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