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A list of quotes and where to find them in the Bible for GCSE RE

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Birth and Death
Main idea of extract Bible reference
Creation of humanity Genesis 1v 2627
We are all known by God before we are born Jeremiah 1v 5
God formed each of us in our mothers womb Psalm 139v13
The body is a temple of the holy spirit 1 Corinthians 3v
Marriage and Divorce
Main idea of extract Bible reference
Honour your father and mother Exodus 20v 12
Children obey your parents Colossians 3v 20
Fathers do not nag or discourage your children Colossians 3v 21
Caring for your relatives 1 Timothy 5v 8
You must not commit adultery Exodus 20v 14
You must always forgive people Matthew 18v
A man must love his wife as he loves himself and he shall Ephesians 5v
leave his mother and father and become united as one 2833
flesh with his wife.
If you divorce your wife you force her to commit adultery Matthew 5v 3132
and the only time you can divorce her is if she has
committed adultery.
Divorce is wrong as God has united a marred couple so Mark 10v 212
that they are one flesh and noone has the right to take
that away
War, Peace and Human Rights
Main idea of extract Bible reference
A Holy War Exodus 15v 1 ­ 3
Free those who have been wrongly imprisoned and help Isaiah 58v 610
those suffering, basically ensure everyone has access to
their basic human rights
A peaceful world can exist with God's help Micah 4v 14
Those who live by the sword, die by the sword Matthew 26v
Blessed are the Peacemakers (The Beatitudes) Matthew 5v 9
Prejudice and Equality
Main idea of extract Bible reference
Do not mistreat foreigners living in your country love Leviticus 19v
them as you love yourselves. 3334
Who is my neighbour? (The Good Samaritan) Luke 10v 2537
Resist evil and temptation Colossians 3v
All those who believe in Christ are equals. James 2v 19
Christian Responsibility for the Planet
Main idea of extract Bible reference
God created humans to act as stewards of the Earth Genesis 1v 2631
The world God created is perfect Psalm 19v 110
God made a beautiful world and he put humans in charge Psalm 8v 36
The world belongs to God, we therefore don't have the Psalm 24v 12
right to misuse it
Christian responsibility towards the disadvantaged
Main idea of extract Bible reference
Do not cheat the poor and needy Amos 8v 46
Love disadvantaged people as you would God as we will all Matthew 25v
be judged accordingly, like Sheep and Goats 3146

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You must show compassion for the poor or be condemned Luke 16v 1931
to Hell (Lazarus)
Those who suffer on Earth are happy because they shall Luke 6v 20211
be eternally happy in Heaven…read more


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