Propaganda during WW1

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  • Propaganda
    • Technique
      • Guilt
      • Appealing to people's empathy and sympathy
      • Emphasising positivity or negativity
      • Pride in your country
    • Message
      • Recruitment
        • Huge numbers volunteered at the start of the war
          • 175 000
        • As the death toll rose, numbers dried up
        • The government encourages 'pals battalions'
      • Morale
        • 1914 - War Office Press Bureau set up
          • To produce things that showed the Government's view of the war
        • 1916 - Cinemas screened 'The Battle of The Somme'
        • Lord Bryce's 'Report of Alleged German Atrocities'
      • Anti-German sentiment
        • Portrayed the enemy as monsters
        • Germany portrayed as a bully
        • Lord Bryce's report suggested that German army tortured Belgian civilians
          • ****** Belgian girls
          • Bayonetting babies


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