FORENSICS - Profiling - general overview

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  • Profiling - general overview
    • What is offender profiling?
      • originally coined by US FBI
      • gives a likely description of offender based on analysis of:
        • crime scene
        • victim
        • other available evidence
      • Davis (1977) - profiling most common controversial and misunderstood area of criminal detection
        • distorted by media perception and popular fiction (Silence of the Lambs)
      • reality - a viable process but unproven, subjective and rarely providing specific identities
    • Goals of profiling
      • doesn't solve crimes - only narrows potentials
      • Holmes and Holmes (1996) identified 3 major goals of profiling:
        • social and psychological assessment
          • basic info - personality, age, race, sex, employment, education, marital status
        • psychological evaluation of belongings
          • possessions associate offender with crime scene eg. souvenirs, photos, pron
        • interviewing suggestions and strategies
          • specific interviewing strategies developed for different offenders
            • flattered / appalled by crime -> show pics of crime scene


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