Liberal reforms - problems with the reforms

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  • Problems with the reforms
    • Paying for them
      • There were a lot of things that cost money in the reforms
      • In the budget of 1909 David Lloyd-George explained his ideas
        • Everyone was paying more tax
      • The budget was called The People's Budget because it raised money to spend on poor people
    • School Meals Act
      • Successful as the number of free meals rose from 3 million in 1906 to 14 million in 1914
      • However councils did not have to provide free meals until 1914 and in 1912 over half of the local authorities did not have free meals
    • Free Medical Inspection
      • Most parents could not afford medical treatment if problems were uncovered
      • Free treatment introduced in 1912 did not pay for everything
    • The Education Act
      • Little was done to improve conditions in schools
      • Those in state education continued to leave school poorly educated with very few qualifications
    • The Labour Exchanges
      • Did not create jobs
    • National Insurance Part 1
      • Sick pay was nowhere near enough to cover the cost of food for a family
    • National Insurance Part 2
      • Only lasted 15 weeks, they could be unemployed for longer
      • Was only for a particular group of workers
    • Pensions
      • 25p was not enough to live on
      • Was only given to people over 70
        • The average life span of a working class adult was much lower than this


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