Problems with Food Production and Distribution

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  • Problems with food production and Distribution
    • Efficient food production requires compromises and conflict
      • Some people believe forcing animals to live in unnatural and uncomfortable conditions is cruel.
        • Growing demand for organic meat
        • Crowded conditions on factory farms leads to quick spread of disease e.g foot and mouth
          • Antibiotics given to prevent this disease leads to antibiotic resistant bacteria
      • Animals need to be kept warm to reduce energy lost as heat- fossil fuels used which if grazing in natural environment would not
    • Food Distribution
      • 'Food miles'- expensive and transportation releases greenhouse gases- global warming
    • Overfishing
      • Less fish for us to eat
        • Ocean's food chains affected- extinction of some species
      • We need to maintain fish stocks at a level where they continue to breed
        • Sustainable food production- having enough food without using resources faster than they renew
        • Fishing quotas; limits on the number and size of fish being caugt in certain areas- prevents certain species from being overfished.
        • Net size; limits of mesh size, depending on what's being fished. Reduces the number of 'unwanted' and discarded fish.
          • Bigger mesh size- unwanted species escape, younger fish escape allowing them to reach breeding age


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