Problems with Food Production & Distribution

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  • Problems with Food Production & Distribution
    • Is food production controversial?
      • some people feel its cruel to force animals to live in unnatural and uncomfortable condituons
        • Growing demand for organic meat
      • Crowded farms allow disease to spread quickly
      • To prevent diseases, animals are given antibiotics which when eaten by humans develops an immunity.
        • This means human medicines become less effective
      • Animals need to be kept warm to reduce energy they lose as heat
        • this often uses fossil fuels to power heaters etc.
      • Fish stocks are getting low as a result of overfishing and because we are using fish to intensely farm some animals like cows that don't normally eat fish.
    • Food distribution
      • Some products have large 'food miles'
        • this means they've been transported a long way
          • e.g Green Beans from Kenya
        • Makes products expensive
        • Bad for the environment
          • The transport used often creates CO2 which causes global warming.
    • Overfishing
      • Fish stocks are declining because we're fishing to much
        • less fish for us to eat
        • effects the foodchains in the ocean
      • Maintaining fish stocks
        • Fishing Quotas
          • Limits on the number and size of fish tthat can be caught in certain areas. Prevents overfishing.
        • Net Size
          • Limits on mesh size
            • reduces the amounts of unwanted fish (that are accidentally caught)
              • Prevents baby fish from being caught as the holes are big enough for them to escape


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