Problem of evil

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  • The Problem of Evil and Suffering
    • Natural and Moral Evil
      • Natural Evil
        • Congenital evil present in the world from the start of it.
          • Eg earth quakes, disease, volcanos
          • Problem for theists as if God created the world, that means he created the world with this natural evil in it, which isn't very loving
      • Moral evil
        • Evil carried out by an agent, hence it has intent, that is morally negative/harmful
          • eg murder, adultery, theft
    • Logical Problem of Evil - Inconsisant triad
      • Mackies inconsistant triad shows that God being All Loving, All Powerfull and Evil and Suffering existing can't all co-exist
        • If he's all loving but evil and suffering exists, then he's not all powerful. ect..
    • Evidential Problem of Evil
      • There's so much evil in the world that is pointless, so how is a loving God overseeing that?
    • Rowe's argument for Atheism
      • P1) There are examples of suffering that God could have stopped without losing some greater good, or having to allow other evil.
        • P2) God would stop evil unless he could not do so without losing some greater good
          • Conclusion) God cannot exist
            • (He doesn't stop the pointless evil, meaning he can't be real as he doesn't have the characteristics we asign to him)
      • The only way for Rowe that evil and can acceptbale is if they contributed to a greater good
        • However this seems untrue - Fawn example
      • Rowe believes that suffering can't be linked with a greater good as his example of the Fawn shows how pointless suffering would be, to him proving his theory to be right.


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