Problem of Evil

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  • Problem of Evil
    • Irenaeus' theodicy was a soul making one, he believed that there is evil in the world to provide opportunity for people to develop in goodness and character
      • Image and likeness. Genesis 1.26 'let us make man in our image' This means God created is in his image, in that we are capable of rational and moral thinking, he did not create us in his likeness. This is where evil serves its purpose in that we need to suffer, live and learn in order to gain God's likeness
        • Epistemic distance this means that there is a knowledge gap between us and God that cannot he crossed on our terms. God has set the distance so that humans have awareness of God but not certainty. Humans do not have not innate knowledge of God when born they have to seek God through fait.
      • Hick- he took Iraeneus' soul making theodicy and altered it so it made sense in the modern world. He argued that we are on earth for the purpose of soul making, we need to learn and grow on earth and make our souls like God.This happens through suffering for this reason Christians see suffering as good thing sometimes as it allows us to share Christ's suffering and make us more like him.
        • If life had no suffering and God intervened all the time, we as people would develop into the likeness of God and there would be no self chosen activity, the world would not become a better place.
    • Types of evil:    Moral evil-, the evil that comes from human choices, which raises the question of why God permits humans to behave as they do.           Natural evil- evil that comes from natural sources e.g famine and drought
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