Problem of Evil

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  • Problem of Evil
    • Original Sin
      • Caused humans to lose immorality
      • The reason why we die
        • Direct result
    • The Problem...
      • God is Omnipotent
        • Evil happens
          • Must not be Benevolent
      • God is Benevolent
        • Evil happens
          • Must not be Omnipotent
    • Moral Evil
      • Suffering caused by human action
      • eg. disease, famine
    • Natural Evil
      • suffering created through no human action
      • eg. Earthquakes, tidalwaves
    • Different Christian Beliefs
      • some see the world as a 'test'
        • we should deal with evil
        • Without natural disasters, less love would be shown to those in need
      • some think that suffering has a purpose that is not understood.
        • It is an opportunity to go through what Jesus went through


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