Good And Evil

Good And Evil overall. Core RE. Christianity 

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Good And Evil

What is the definition for NATURAL EVIL.

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Good And Evil

Natural Evil is an event that has nothing to do with humans. A example of Natural Evil is : Earthquake

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Good And Evil


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Good And Evil

Moral Evil is when an human commits an act that is considered morally wrong.An example of this is Murder.

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Good And Evil

What is the definition for EVIL.

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Good And Evil

Evil is a cause of suffering. Suffering is a result of Evil.

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Good And Evil

What Does Christianity teach about FREE WILL?

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Good And Evil

Christanity teaches that God gave people Free Will. God gave people the 10 commandments. However God also said that people have the choice Whether to follow the commandments or not.

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Good And Evil

What to Christianity teach about the GARDEN OF EDEN? (GENESIS 3)

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Good And Evil

Christianity teaches that ADAM and EVE disobeyed God after eating fruit from the tree of knowledge. They were tempted by the snake , Satan. This is called ''The Fall''.Christians believe this to be one reason why evil exists. 

People believe that because of Adam and Eve's sin we all have a tendancy towards Evil. This is called ''The Original Sin'' 

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Good And Evil

What is the story of Job?

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Good And Evil

Satan made a bargin with god. God kiled all of Jobs animals children and servents to test his faith. Job did not accuse or sin God. They made another wager , Satan could torture Job however not kill him. Satan tortures Job and yet he is still loyal to god and he did not sin. 3 of jobs friends accuse him of sinning. One more friend accused job. God comes down from the heavens , yet does not explain his cruelty. God gives Job replacement children , money and animals. Job lived for 140 years.

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Good And Evil.

What 3 individuals did Satan try to lead into temptation?

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Good And Evil

Satan Tempted Adam And Eve to eat fruit off the tree of knowledge

Satan made a wager with God against a loyal man called Job

Satan tempted Jesus , did not work. Left for a more convienent time.

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Good And Evil

What is the Problem Of Evil?

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Good And Evil

If God is Omnipotent (All-Powerful) 

If God is Omnibenevolent (All Loving)

How can Evil Exist?

This is known as the ''Inconsistant Triad''

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