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good and evil

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Q. What is meant by 'evil'?

A. The absence of good

Q. What is moral evil and give an example.

A. It is man made evil such as murder or mugging someone.

Q. What is natural evil and give an example.

A. It's evil that cannot be made or controlled by humans. An example is a tsunami or an earthquake.

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problem of evil

Q. How might a Christian explain the problem of evil?

A. -It might be the result of The Fall. The Fall is where Adam and Eve disobeyed God and therefore fell from Perfection. This lead to every human being born with Original sin. The Fall is another way of saying that humans cause evil NOT God. Christians believe that God gave us free will which is what gives us evil: our choices. 

However, some Christians believe that it is the devil that causes evil as he tempts us to do bad and it's not us doing evil by choice. To some Christians it is the devil and his tempting devious ways that trick us into doing evil.

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Why does God allow suffering?

Q. Why does God allow evil and suffering?

A. -God punishes us when we're bad.

-Nothing because he doesn't exist.

-God gave us free will

-God wants us to solve the problem of evil- it enables us to prove ourselves to him.

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