Private vs State school

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  • Private vs State school
    • Independent/ private schools. Set their own curriculum + admissions policies. Fees. more likely to go on to the top universities. academic culture. Good resources + facilities
    • Arguments Against independent
      • Socially divisive as they split rich and poor as private school pupils often end up in top positions
      • Increases Inequalities as a persons position is based on the parents' ability to pay.
      • Investment in state schools, if everyone went to a state school then all would be invested to ensure its first class
    • State grammar schools select those children that do best at the examination they sit at 11
    • Arguments For independent
      • they don't have to teach the national curriculum so they can place more emphasiscertain subjects
      • Better level of achievement
        • higher % achieving 3 A-A* grades or higher at A level (29.5% and 10.5%)
      • They have an academicculture (academic achievement is emphasised
      • Facilities are better
      • Better chance of getting into top universities
        • They were 7x more likely than in a comprehensive school to get into Oxbridge,55x more than those who get free school meals
      • Parents have a right to choose how the spend their money
      • Better job prospects
        • 7% of population attends, and most top positions are held by privately educated pupils
      • Smaller class sizer so teachers can invest more time into each student
    • Comprehensive schools educate all, regardless of background or ability. Social barriers are broken down.
    • Older more traditional private schools like Eton are knows as 'Public schools'


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