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  • Principles of care
    • 1) Promoting Effective communication and relationships
      • Effective communication in care work is needed in order to ensure quality care is provided to improve the quality of peoples lives by addressing a range of needs.
      • Through Effective Communication care workers can develop relationships with individuals in THEIR care which will assist the caring process.
      • Some individuals may:
        • may find it difficult to speak
        • can have hearing loss or limited vision
          • This is a barrier which needs to be overcome.
            • may find it difficult to speak
            • Speak different languages
            • Other ways of communicating :
              • Makaton
              • Written Communication
              • Lip reading
              • Using an interpreter or advocate
              • use of pictures
        • Speak different languages
    • 2) Promoting anti - discriminatory practice (includes policies and codes of practice)
      • Discrimination may be direct or indirect and can include:
        • avoiding looking at someone
        • isolating individuals
        • ignoring the needs of individuals
        • Racist and sexist jokes
        • excluding certain residents from activities
    • 3) Maintaining confidentiality of information
    • 4) Promoting and supporting indivduals right to dignity, independence, empoerment, choice and safety.
    • 5) Acknowledging individuals personal beliefs and identity and respecting diversity
    • 6) Protecting individuals from abuse
    • 7) Providing individualised care


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