Principles of care

Unit 1 - Promoting Quality Care & Communication 

1.2 - Principles of care 


Principles of care

Principles of care are developed from values that influence working practices. 

Promoting effective communication & relationships - Good communicaiton is esstenital to show the individual that they are valued . 

Promoting anti-discriminatory practice - Should be able to enjoy life free from unfair discrimination. Recgonition of the needs of different types of people. Challenge unfair discrimination. Care workers need to be self-reflective of practice & prepared to change views.

Maintaining confidentiality of information - Restrict others to access certain info. 

Promoting and supporting individuals' rights to - 

Dignity - Treat individual with repesct.

Independence - Allow client to choose and control things themselves.

Empowerment - Encourage patients to make decisions regarding health.  

Safety - Keeping the individual safe and offer advice. 

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Principles of care

Acknowleding individuals personal beliefs, identity and respecting diversity - Allow people to retain their individuality and to express thier beliefs in relation to faith, religion, personal ethics, cultural neds, practices and sexual orientation. 

Ways to do this include providing language support if there is a language barrier, respect to care users in their choices of food, clothes and routines, using preferred names, respecting views providing they do not harm anyone, Enabling religious worship. 

Protecting individuals from abuse - Do not abuse the client physically or mentally and protect them from incients of exposure to abuse. 

Providing individualised care - Devise a care plan that is specifically designed for the client involved and to meet their needs effectively. Do not assume that all care service users are the same and do not take an approach that the same type of care will suit all the users. 

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