American Civil Rights - African Americans - Reconstruction - President Johnson's actions + consequences

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  • President Johnson's actions in Reconstruction
    • His plans/actions
      • His primary aim was to amalgamate the North and the South
      • Enabled a larger number of Southern rebels to be pardoned than originally planned.
        • 13,000 in total
      • Appointed advisors who had racist attitudes
      • Failed to enforce Southern states to ratify with the 13th Amendment
      • Enabled the Black Codes to happen in the South
    • Effects his actions had on the South
      • Black Codes
      • African Americans were banned from competing with White Americans for jobs
        • Kept African Americans in poverty
      • Law was heavily imposed on African Americans
      • Freed slaves who were caught begging would be fined with vagrancy
        • Couldn't afford fine? They would be forced to work on a plantation
    • Effects his actions had on the North
      • Greater division between North and South attitudes - Black codes
      • Radical Republicans (e.g. Thaddeus Stevens) pressed for extension of African American civil rights
      • United all forms of Republicans against President Johnson


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