Piano Prelude (Raindrop) - Chopin - Revision

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  • Prelude No. 15 in D flat major, Op. 28 - Chopin  (Raindrop)
    • Structure
      • Ternary Form - ABA with a codetta at the end.
    • Tonality and Harmony
      • A section - D flat major
      • B section - C sharp minor - the enharmonic minor of D flat.
      • A flat/ G sharp are used as a repeated dominant pedal.
      • Perfect Cadence to end the piece.
      • Harmonied in 6ths
    • Instrumentation
      • Piano - uses a sustaining pedal
      • Melody dominated homophony
      • Expressive qualities are made.
    • Dynamics
      • Dramatic and expressive
      • Use of crescendos and diminuendos
      • Extremes of dynamics used (PP and FF)
    • Melody
      • Cantabile - in a singing style is how the piano is played.
      • B section has a lower tessitura
      • Use of dominant pedal to imply raindrops
      • Sometimes the pedal goes into the inverted dominant at the top of the texture.
      • The inner pedal is used and is in the middle of the texture.
    • Tempo and Rhythm
      • Rubato - free tempo is used to make the piece more expressive
      • Slow and held back
      • In common time (4/4) and Sostenuto - sustained.
      • Slows down at the end - Ritenuto.


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