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Chopin- Raindrop Prelude


·         Cantabile melody line

·         Lyrical and flowing

·         Chordal melody in B section

·         Rubato

·         A and A1 section it is played in the right hand

·         Very balanced phrasing throughout

·         B section melody is found in the left hand and is incorporated using inner harmony and chords – contrasting melodic ideas

·         Falling motif at the beginning to represent a raindrop and then gradually builds in pitch again

·         A section melody is repeated in A1 with slight variations

·         Mainly conjunct when falling in pitch with some leaps

·         Lots of ornamentation – very complex

·         Largely diatonic


·         Virtuosic piano playing

·         Features highly ornamented sections  and dark chordal section showing the full range of tone and texture a piano can create

·         Expressive use of the pedal throughout the piece

·         Crossing between hands in sections

·         Finger indications creating subtle change in tone of each note


·         Pedal note on the dominant

o   A and A1 section in the left hand- Ab

o   B section in the right hand- G# due to enharmonic modulation

·         Broken chords creating a darker mood at the beginning of the B section – very bare

·         Inner harmony towards…


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