Prejudice & Discrimination 1

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  • Prejudice & Discrimination
    • Prejudice: a hostile or negative attitude toward a distinguishable group of people, based solely on their membership in that group
    • Discrimination: unjustified negative or harmful action toward a member of a group, simply because of his or her membership in that group
      • Behavioural component: Discrimination -Bond et al (1988) In a psych hospital blacks were 4x more likely to be restrained despite being no more violent
        • Causes of discrimination - Power: less likely to confront a sexist comments if it's from someone high in power - No difference in relation to discrimination type & individual differences
    • Prejudice in the individual: -Is an emotional component -Can be positive -Acquire prejudice when young - Young children are aware of in/out groups -Elliot (1977) blue/brown eyed study
      • Prejudice in institution: -Norms not taught -Infer from lack of minorities in powerful positions -Creates barriers
    • Expressing prejudice: -Less likely expressed by educated, -More likely expressed by 65+
      • Bromley & Cutice (2002): Who would you prefer as your member of Scottish parliament? 18% heterosexual, 4% able bodied male, 11% white -British social attitudes survey (2007): Comfortable having a close relative marry a person with schizo 19%, blind 50%, health condition 21%
    • Stereotyping & Implications: Disability - P&D is widespread -more likely unemployed & in poverty -Blind person perceived as: More agreeable, excluded from ordinary life & have poor access
    • Cognitive Component-Stereotypes: generalisation about group of people in which identical characteristics are assigned to virtually all members of group regardless of actual variation
      • Allport (1954) - The Law of Least Effort: the world is too complicated for us to have a highly differential attitude about everything --> we maximise our cognitive time & energy by developing elegant, accurate attitudes / simple sketchy beliefs
      • Sports: Stone, Perry & Dorley (1997): rated black basketball players as athletic and positive performance, rated white as having + basketball sense -Gender & Activity: Sporty = naturally masculine, Woman are inactive/ exercise for beauty


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