Pragmatism and ideology 10 marker

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  • Pragmatism and ideology 10 marker
    • Pragmatism
      • Conservatives are above all pragmatists
      • Oakeshot advocates a pragmatic approach.
        • He said 'politics should be a conversation not an argument'
        • Political action should never be the result of conflict over political dogma and theories
      • Pragmatism implies a flexible approach to politics and an understanding of what is best for the people.
      • The conservatives reached a pragmatic decision to retain labours initiatives after the war
        • I.e. the NHS = post war consensus
      • There should be a gentle relationship between the government and the governed.
    • Opposition to ideology
      • Conservatism changes its character according to the dominant ideology it is resisting at any given time.
      • Ideologies propose an ideal form of society and are dedicated to working towards it.
        • Conservatives think this is contrived and artificial.
      • Oakeshot - societies should not be directed towards specific goals as this has implications for anti-ideology.
      • Conservatives see no sense of social progress from having an end goal.
        • This is not to say they oppose social movement.
      • They argue that working in accordance with the emotions and traditions of the people is a worthwhile goal.


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