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  • Society 10 marker
    • Organic society
      • A belief that society operates like organism or living entity. the whole being more important than a collection individual parts
      • They dislike change and are advocates of the importance of tradition
      • Society is a product of the actions of self seeking and self reliant individuals.
        • Margaret Thatcher = 'there is no such thing as society, only individuals and their families'
      • A rise against liberal individualism
      • Organic society is seen as a reality which is superior to our own individual interests.
    • Nationalism and patriotism
      • Conservatives fear change and so advocate preserving tradition
      • The conservative party had the biggest representation of MP's on the leave campaign in 2016.
      • Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands war
      • The nation is the most important form of political community.
      • Democracy is rooted in the nation state.
    • Authority
      • Humans most basic need is for order and secuirity
      • Levianthan - if allowed to flourish society would become 'nasty, brutish and short'
      • Hobbes believed that humans would sacrifice much of their freedom and its rights in favour of a much securer existence.
      • Critics have suggested that conservatives were authoritarian in preferring state power to the freedom of citizens
    • Paternalism
      • To prevent harm and confer benefits.
      • Restricts liberty and contributes to infatilisation of society.
      • Theresa may placing special focus on'JAM' families
      • One nation conservatism
        • appeal to both the pragmatic instincts of conservatives and their sense of self duty.
        • Believe that obligations should not be abandoned but should be expressed in an increasingly industrialised world in social reform.
        • Draws on the organic conservative belief that society is held together by an acceptance of duty and obligation


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