Poverty in Elizabethan England

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  • Poverty
    • types of poor
      • Helpless poor
        • unable to work or support themselves
      • Deserving Poor
        • people who wnat to find work but are unable to
      • Undeserving poor
        • people who refuse to work
          • criminals
          • beggars
          • migrant workers (vagaonds)
    • Government
      • rich people made donations
        • to hopsitals
        • monastries
        • other organisations
      • government feared rebellion from the poor
      • Criminal rates and food riots increase along with poverty
    • Poor Law
      • gave helped to the helpless and deserving poor
      • 1560s onwards.. growing poverty= new poor laws
      • poor rate introduced= tax to raise money for poor
      • tax collector official called Overseer of the Poor appointed
    • Cause
      • population growth
        • population growth meant more food required...
          • food producation couldn't keep up
            • food shortages = food prices rose
      • Agriculture
        • enclosed farms became popular in the 16th century
          • fewer labourers needed
            • more workers unemplyed and homeless
          • landowners stopped growig grain and began sheep farming
            • food shhortages
          • bad harvest


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