Populism and class in Ink by James Graham

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  • Populism and Class in Ink by James Graham
    • "popular paper for the masses" Murdoch
    • "a paper to reach those forgotten people" Murdoch
    • ""telling people what they should be interested in, rather than reflecting who they really are" Lamb
    • "old press club...not one handshake. No cigar. Nothing" Murdoch
    • "not the guy who didn't get a degree froom Oxford or Cambridge, who didn't get a degree from anywhere. Not you" Murdoch
    • "Stuck up broadsheet" Lamb and Murdoch- Convergence of language
    • "You're going to see Maurice Green, Telegraph having dinner with Bob Edwards-editor of the people" Lamb
    • "hypocrisy of your treasured liberal establishment" Murdoch
    • the Bench Hands- stage direction
    • " start offering them what they want" Murdoch
    • "a new line of succession" Murdoch
    • "Maybe it takes an outsider to see it" Murdoch
    • "see, used to" Murdoch


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