Victorian (and prose)

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  • Victorian period
      • Industrial Revolution caused a massive class divide that got the rich richer and kept the poor poor.
        • Marxist ideas and class struggles thus prominent
        • population doubled in this era
        • industrialisation and the class divide  big themes
      • Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and the increasing challenge to religious ideas
      • distinct gender roles including the requirement for women to be chained to the domestic sphere
    • THEMES
      • Prose fiction and the novel
        • the general idea that hard work and perseverance will win out in the end despite society struggles
        • Authors such as Charles Dickens and assertive of moral purpose
      • Realism and human progress
      • Age of pessimism and confusion
      • Progress, nostalgia, serialisation
    • Victorian Prose
      • Long and unorganised composition.


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