Population structure

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  • Population Structures
    • Stage 1/2
      • Wide base as children assets. Poor health so don't live to old ages
    • Stage 3/4
      • Widest at middle age. (Workers needed) Health care still not great. Larger BR due to increase in migrants.
    • Stage 5
      • Ageing population as health care good and low DR. Low BR as good quality of life.
    • Ageing (Devon)
      • Greying pound. Pink Pound. Free work. Look after each other. Jobs for younger people to help.
      • Housing/Health care/ Facilities/Transport
    • Youthful (Gambia)
      • No sex ed. Muslim culture. wages low. = overcrowding. lack health care. poor diet. Defforestation
      • To respond - FAMILY planning clases (WHO). HEALTH care free vacinations basic health care. Spacing children. EDUCATION women. children tought bymothers. RESOURCES replace forrests make clear who owns what.


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