Plots and Revolts at Home

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  • Plots and Revolts at Home
    • The Revolt of the Northern Earls
      • rebels
        • Thomas Percy (Earl of Northumberland)
        • Ann Percy
        • Jane Neville
        • Charles Neville (Earl of Westmorland)
        • Thomas Howard (Duke of Norfolk)
        • Mary Queen of Scots
      • Reasons
        • make catholic again
        • Earl lost influence and wanted it back
        • Elizabeth's refusal to marry or name an heir left uncertainty
      • Significance
        • Mary not trusted
        • pope encouraged Catholics to depose of her
        • Catholics are not trusted
        • Elizabeth's control strengthens
    • Walsingham's Spies
      • Walsingham
        • provided intelligence in defeating plots
        • unmasked Mary & put pressure on Elizabeth to execute her
        • deterred further plots
      • Spy network
        • spies in each town
        • agents paid & trained by the government
        • used spies abroad
        • had paid informants
      • used ciphers for all correspondence
      • agent provocateurs= encourage people to become involved in plots
      • used torture & execution
    • The Throckmorton Plot & Babington Plot
      • Throckmorton significance
        • reveal extent of threat of all Catholics & Mary
        • showed threat from France & Spain
        • laws passed against sheltering a Catholic
      • Babington significance
        • Spain & England virtually at war
        • Government determined to crush Catholics
          • persecution of Catholics
        • Execution of Mary
          • no hope to replace Elizabeth with a Catholic heir
    • The execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
      • Mary involved in plots
      • Walsingham unearthed evidence
      • Mary and Spanish threat
      • Mary was alternative monarch
      • Increased chance of cival war
      • significance
        • set a dangerous path
        • angered Phillip
        • Elizabeth was without and heir
        • removal of important threat
    • The Ridolfi Plot
      • failure of RNE= Catholics suspicious
        • laws implemented against Catholics
          • Ridolfi Plot
      • Significance
        • Catholics & Mary a threat
        • Clear threat from Spain
        • England need to improve relations with France
        • Catholics monitor Catholics more




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