Early Elizabethan England

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What religion was Elizabeth I?

  • She was a Protestant but kept Catholic symbols (crucifix)

Who was Elizabeth's father?

  • Henry VIII of England

Who was Elizabeth's sister? What was her religion? Who was she previously married to? Why were her actions a problem for Elizabeth?

  • Mary I
  • Catholic
  • Philip of Spain
  • She killed many Protestants - nicknamed 'Bloody Mary'

Who was Elizabeth's cousin? What religion was she?

  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • Catholic

Give four problems that faced Elizabeth when she became Queen

  • Legitimacy - parents weren't married when she was born
  • Gender - prove herself - patriarchal society
  • Marriage - questioned the ability to rule - men were more powerful
  • Experience - no experience of war

Which countries were a threat to Elizabeth? Explain why for each one

  • Spain - Mary married Philip of Spain
  • Scotland - Mary Queen of Scots had claimed the English throne
  • France - Mary Queen of Scots married to King Francis II of France

Who are the Puritans? Why did they not trust Elizabeth?

  • Radical Protestants
  • Churches were basic - Elizabeth kept Catholic symbols

Why did Catholics not like Elizabeth? Why was this a problem for Elizabeth?

  • Against protestants (Elizabeth)
  • Dad and sister = Catholic
  • Difficult to unite the religions

What were the three parts of Elizabeth's religious settlement? What did they do?

  • Act of Uniformity - everyone to attend church
  • Clergy to teach the Royal Supremacy
  • Pilgrimages and monuments to 'fake' miracles were banned

Why was Mary Queen of Scots a problem for Elizabeth? What did Elizabeth do to Mary Queen of Scots?

  • She was Henry VII's great-granddaughter and Elizabeth I's second cousin (claim


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