Plant Hormones

Uses of plant hormones

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  • Plant Hormones
    • Auxin
      • Promotes root growth in cuttings
      • Produces seedless fruit
      • Used as a selective weed killer
      • inhibits leaf abscission
      • Can promote further elongation of cells
    • Cytokinin
      • Delays leaf senescence to avoid vegetables discolouring, which increases shelf life
      • Promotes bud and shoot growth during tissue culture
      • Promotes the growth of lateral buds - override the apical dominance effect
    • Ethene
      • Speeds up fruit ripening and promotes fruit drop
      • Promotes the growth of lateral brances
      • Stimulates production of cellulase
    • Gibberellins
      • Delays fruit senescence and drop to make harvesting more efficient
      • Improves the shape and size of fruit
      • Activates enzymes in stored barley to produce malt for brewing
      • Speeds up seed production during breeding seasons
    • Abscisic Acid
      • Inhibits seed germination and growth
      • Causes stomatal closure when the plant is stressed because of low water availability
      • Inhibits growth of lateral buds


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