Buddhist places of worship

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  • Places of worship
    • Temple
      • Buddhist laity attend the temple whenever they wish to. Most attend every festival day.
      • Temples include worship halls and shrines. Many have gardens for reflection based at the temple.
      • Pujas (acts of workships) are held here daily.
      • Many temples are built near stupas, which are relic houses (contain religious artifacts such as a tooth from the Buddha).
      • Stupas are dome shaped.
      • There are bodhi  trees at many temples, reminding people of the Buddha's enlightenment
      • Many are said to be descended from the original tree
    • Shrine
      • A shrine is a small or large sacred place dedicated to the Buddha: it can be at home.
      • It is centered around at least one Buddha rupa (statue of Buddha).
      • Each temple has a shrine room as its most important place for worship,
      • Acts of worship take place and offering are made to the Buddha here.
    • Viharta (monastery)
      • All have a temple within their compound. Pujas are held here daily.
      • Since the monks live here, there will be living quarters, as well as kitchens, meeting rooms etc.
    • Gompa (hall of learning)
      • This is the mane given to Tibetan Buddhist shrine rooms.
      • In Tibetan Buddhism there is a long tradition of training for monks to attain a degree in Buddhist philosophy, hence a hall of learning.


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